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There are more than 15,000 small, precarious villages trhoughout the Peruvian Amazon Jungle without access to safe drinking water nor sewage systems.

Therefore, these villages are simultaneously contaminating their rivers and drinking from them, leading to the spread of waterborne diseases and consequently to infant chronic malnutrition.

Therefore our solution interupts this typical “contamination and use” cycle, simultaneously ensuring:


  • Delivery of pure water for drinking and personal hygiene, with the source water for purification coming from subterranean wells or rainwater*, which is then purified by nanotechnology.
  • Residual water treatment by the implementation of passive ecological systems and Hybrid “Fito-Purification” (using plants) requiring only occasional maintenance by local workers.


* Rainwater collection is used if a particular village shows signs of “heavy metals” in their subterranean wells